Welcome to the KC9CPX ham shack page, i have decided that i am nolonger going to minister on to satan, so this is why you see this site instead of the deyndra zeibren page. im sorry but it had to be done because im nolonger with satan. below you will find some useful things that you can use either while on air, or while studying for your first ham license. im glad you came to this page, and thank you for visiting.

 Welcome, to kc9cpx.yolasite.com. this page is dedicated to hams that have been hams for some time, along with prospective hams. the site your seeing is a relacement for the living church of deyndra zeibren site here on yola which i have decided to take down in an effort to become a christian again, so therefore that's why your seeing this site instead. first off, i would like to share some pics of the ham shack now before i add 2 meters 440 to the stack of radio gear, you can see pics of it, in the pictures below.

this is a picture of my shack, i know it's a messy desk, but, it'll soon be cleaned up once i get the new kenwood tm733 base/mobile rig installed, for right now your seeing a pig sty surrounding an old hf ft757GX with it's matching power supply. i will be adding pics of the new addon soon, so please stand by and keep the repeater clear as i will be coming back on air to show your more pics. 

below is a picture AFTER the installation of my two meter's radio gear. 

you can ALSO like this page on facebook as well as give twitter a tweet to this page too, i hope you enjoy this page as much as i enjoyed making it. thanks

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